Investment & Development

You invest in buildings selected by experts. A diversified real estate portfolio, made up of residential, office, retail or hotel buildings, including student housing, modular housing units and migrant workers housing,

Le-oS Group is also well connected in the infrastructure and transportation industry. We promote private investment opportunities and public-private partnerships to build or improve railways, seaports, roads, airports and transit-oriented communities, while driving transportation innovation and real estate development.

Responsibly managed buildings, continuously maintained and modernized by our teams. Le-oS Group have something to satisfy the most demanding investors in

Raising Capital

Le-oS Group delivers custom work and always knows how to realize the right business financing for you. We have years of experience with all forms of corporate financing. Whether it concerns bank loans or alternative financing: we know the way.

Le-oS Group helps you as an entrepreneur to find your way in the new landscape of corporate finance. We have direct lines with banks, investors, and crowdfunding platforms. We also look at specific forms of financing such as debtor financing, stock financing and leasing.

Wealth Management

Our goal is providing our clients with full insight into all financial components of their specific assets. We make a clear distinction between risk and return. Furthermore we also provide the customer with calculations for various scenarios. These calculations are not only based on generic events, but also on customer-specific events, which gives the client insight into possible returns and risks.